The Dragon Wilds

The First Bounty

The campaign opens with the group having been offered an official membership in the Headhunters if they have a successful bounty hunt. The bounty they are given is to bring in, dead or alive, the 3 dragonborn hatch-mates that have been spying for a red dragon. They have to find the enemy’s hideout, decide how they want to approach, and do the deed.

Our group was able to find out from a tavern “secretkeeper” that the dragonborn have been hiding in tunnels that lead out of the city. When they go to investigate, there are a few homeless/destitute hanging around the tunnel entrance and after questioning them, continue on.

Down the tunnel a ways, they hear a strange call. The group’s artificer is able to identify it as a displacer beast call which is why they can’t exactly tell where it is coming from! Before venturing into any of the forks in front of them, they decide to lure out the beasts and manage to cobble together a pheromone lure from the odd things they have in their packs and some of the leavings in the tunnel.

After defeating the beasts, they find down 1 fork what looks to be a living area for at least 20 people, but nobody is there at the moment. After investigating the next fork, they see 4 figures down the way in the tunnel and believe it is their quarry. Deciding that stealth could help after discussion, the rogue sneaks closer, the barbarian sneaks close enough to make a charge on cue, and the paladin/warlord step up to try to negotiate.

The dragonborn offer a deal- turn spy for the red dragon themselves and they will get riches from the dragon’s own hoard! The paladin/warlord is set against it though and after stalemating on the negotiations, it turns violent. In the battle, 1 dragonborn (a barbarian) is killed, another (wizard) is knocked unconscious, and the dragonborn swordmage surrenders after being knocked prone and nearly killed.

They slap manacles on the swordmage and rope up the wizard while taking the barbarian’s head back to the Headhunters to collect their bounty!



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